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Champawati Kunda

Champawati Kunda is also known as Chapnalla Falls. The falls is located in Chapnalla town in the Nagaon District of Assam.  The district of Nagaon, earlier known as Nowgong has earned a name in history. The place has seen a lot of invaders and much had been done by the inhabitants to keep the invaders out. There are monuments and forts that speak volumes. There had been dynasties which ruled the place. Assam is a picturesque state with a number of waterfalls and lakes. The abundance of rainfall makes it a place with lush greenery and dense forests. Added to the sceneries are the waterfalls, which are a sight since most of them are perennial. The other important feature is the ancient temples near the waterfalls. Stories and folklores are about the place and its people are really interesting. The waterfall is a magnificent one and is near the historic place of Kaliabor. The water flows off a ravine through a series of small hillocks and finally into a pond at the base.

The Champawati Kunda is located in the dense premises of Laokhowa Wild Life Sanctuary. Apart from the flora and fauna found in the area, migratory birds also find favor in this area during the winter season.

The first thing which one should see is the mystical waterfall which will take you close to nature. The other attraction is the adventurous Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary which is a place of interest for nature and wildlife lovers. Another place to visit is the Samaguri Beel popularly known as Pokhi Tirth or Bird Pilgrimage where you will find a beautiful lake with diverse species of migratory birds.

With a well maintained Highway, the place is well connected through buses and taxis to nearby towns and cities. You can also avail auto-rickshaws and taxis to reach the place with ease and comfort.

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